Kraemer Air Filter Corporation

Pleated Air Filters
Medium and High Efficiency Pleated Air Filters.
Used in a broad range of installations, from pre-filters to primary filters.
Available in MERV 7, MERV 8 , MERV 11, and MERV 13.
Standard Size 1, 2, and 4" .
Special sizes also available.
Bag Filters
Extended surface high capacity air filters composed of individual dust holding pockets assembled in a metal support frame. Available in a variety of filter efficiencies, sizes and capacities.
Available for Dust Collection, Powder Coating,
and Compressed Air.
Spray Booth Filters
Available for downdraft, crossdraft, and paint overspray.
Disposable Panel Filters
Available in Fiberglass or Polyester media. Standard Sizes are 1" and 2" depths. Special sizes also available.
Rigid Cell Filters
Available in numerous styles with efficiencies ranging
from 45% to 95%.
Poly Rings, Sleeves, and Links
We offer a variety of styles and performance levels for most applications.
Pads, Bulk Media and Automatic Rolls
Pre-cut pads and bulk media for pre-filter or primary filter applications. Available in fiberglass or polyester in 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 2 inch thickness.
Home Air Cleaning Replacement Filters
Available for Aprilaire, Air Bear, and Research Products home air cleaning systems.
Carbon Filters
Activated carbon for removal of particulates, odors, and light gases. Excellent for libraries, hospitals, research facilities, office buildings, computer rooms, electrical rooms, municipal buildings, and restaurants.
Anti-Microbial Filters
Air filter panels and links with antimicrobial agents are excellent for applications where microbial growth may occur.
LEED- Green Building Filters
We offer a variety of Merv 13 filters that meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) efficiency standards.
Filter Housing
Available in a wide range of styles including flat bank, v-bank, filter lock, side access, hinged doors, and gasketed doors.
HEPA Filters
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Accumulator) air filters are designed for high efficiency commercial and industrial applications with efficiencies ranging from 95% to 99.99% DOP efficiency at .3 microns.
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